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Molly's Story

Molly Elizabeth Brown
aka Molly Bear

Molly Elizabeth Brown was here for 19 months.  In that time she had heart surgery to band an artery that was allowing too much blood to flow and causing her heart to work too hard; she ate all her food through a tube - a tube that was surgically fixed to her stomach; she had pneumonia at least three times; she often required supplemental oxygen; had a minimum of four daily medications; had three specialists and two therapists; and spent more than three months, over several stays, in four different hospitals.

More than any of that, what she did was possess a personality, a will, and a smile (a grin, really) that energized everyone she came in contact with during her short life. If not for the good fortune of having met some very special people who had gone through similar experiences, Molly may never have had a chance to show that special something.  Without the help and support of Molly's friends and family, her parents may not have had the strength to care for Molly as they did.

For Molly, insurance only went so far -- her friends and family made up the difference; they built a community and took care of a family.  The Molly Bear Foundation, named in loving memory of Molly Elizabeth, is that community, and that family, taking care of one another.

To learn more about Molly's life and the profound impact she had -- and continues to have -- on many people, please feel free to visit the online journals her parents continue to maintain:

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August 7th, 2023:

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14th Annual Molly Bear Foundation Golf Outing
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